Martin Lawler, trainer for the 1918 Red Sox — 1918: Babe Ruth and the World Champion Boston Red Sox by Allan Wood

Dr. Martin Pike Lawler

Born: May 15, 1866, Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Martin Lawler was working in Palestine, Texas, when he was contacted by the Red Sox in early 1918. He replaced Dr. Charles Green as the team’s trainer.

Lawler graduated from Philadelphia’s Orthopedic Institute in 1907, but had some baseball experience before that. The previous year, he was referred to Athletics to work on the injured ankles of Rube Oldring and Eddie Plank. A’s manager Connie Mack then hired him full-time. In 1910, Lawler left the A’s for the St. Louis Browns, with whom he worked for eight years.

Lawler’s other jobs included coal mining, blacksmithing, and work as a druggist and insurance salesman. As of 1918, he was married with a son and three daughters.