Pedro Martinez, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox — Spring Training Perfect Game March 14, 2000 by various Red Sox pitchers

pedro martinez

March 14, 2000
Perfect Game — Spring Training
City of Palms Park, Fort Myers, Florida

Toronto —  000  000  000  –  0  0  0
Boston  —  000  140  00x  –  5  8  0

WP — Martinez; LP — Munro.
Time of game–2:10. Attendance: 7,139 (new stadium record)
Umpires: HP–Culbreth; 1st–Meriweather; 3rd–Speiler (sp?)
(1st and 3rd base umpires swapped positions after 5 innings)
Clear, 80F (est.), wind 10-12 mph (est.)


Toronto 1st — Pedro Martinez pitching. Anthony Sanders (rf) struck out looking. Homer Bush (2b) struck out swinging. David Segui (1b) struck out looking.

Boston 1st — Nerio Rodriguez pitching. Jose Offerman (2b) lined out to second. Trot Nixon (rf) grounded out pitcher to first. Carl Everett (cf) hit by pitch. Nomar Garciaparra (ss) grounded into fielder’s choice to shortstop, Everett out at second.

Toronto 2nd — Tony Batista (3b) popped out to short left. Jose Cruz (cf) popped out to second. Kevin Witt (dh) struck out swinging.

Boston 2nd — Jason Varitek (c) singled to center. Brian Daubach (3b) flied out to right.
Marty Cordova (dh) grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first.

Toronto 3rd — Jacob Brumfield (lf) struck out swinging. Chris Woodward (ss) struck out looking. Ramon Castillo (c) lined out to center.

Boston 3rd — Wilton Veras (3b) flied out to right. Michael Coleman (lf) walked. Coleman caught stealing catcher to second. Offerman grounded out first unassisted.

Toronto 4th — Fernando De La Cruz relieved Martinez. Sanders popped out to shallow right. Bush flied out to right. Segui flied out to center.

Boston 4th — Peter Munro relieved Rodriguez. Nixon grounded out shortstop to first. Everett walked. Everett stole second. Garciaparra doubled to right, Everett scored. Varitek hit into fielder’s choice to pitcher [chopper over mound], Garciaparra trapped off second, pitcher to shortstop. Daubach walked, Varitek to second. Cordova grounded into fielder’s choice to third, Varitek out third unassisted.

Toronto 5th — Batista struck out swinging. Cruz grounded out first to pitcher. Witt flied out to center.

Boston 5th — Veras doubled to center. Coleman struck out looking. Offerman flied out to center. Nixon singled to center, Veras scored. Everett walked, Nixon to second. Garciaprra homered down the left field line, Nixon, Everett, and Garciaparra scored. Varitek singled to center. Daubach popped to shallow left.

Toronto 6th — Donnie Sadler replaced Garciaparra at SS. Dan Smith relieved Fernando De La Cruz. Brumfield lined out to right. Woodward lined out to center. Castillo struck out looking.

Boston 6th — Billy Koch relieved Munro. Cordova grounded out second to first. Veras grounded out second to first. Coleman struck out swinging.

Toronto 7th — Rheal Cormier relieved Smith; Andy Sheets replaced Offerman at 2B; Israel Alcantara replaced Nixon in RF; Jermaine Allensworth replaced Everett in CF; Joe Siddall replaced Varitek at C; Dernell Stenson replaced Daubach at 1B. Sanders flied out to center. Bush flied out to center. Segui grounded out third to first.

Boston 7th — Willis Otanez replaced Segui at 1B. Sheets struck out swinging [foul tip to catcher]. Stenson struck out swinging. Allensworth singled to left. Sadler singled to right, Allensworth to third. Siddall struck out looking.

Toronto 8th — Rich Garces relieved Cormier. Batista struck out swinging. Cruz flied out to left. Witt grounded out third to first.

Boston 8th — John Frascatore relieved Koch; Casey Blake replaced Batista at 3B; Dewayne Wise replaced Cruz in CF. Alcantara walked. Cordova struck out swinging. Veras grounded into fielder’s choice to second, Alcantara out second to short. Coleman walked, Veras to second. Sheets grounded into on fielder’s choice to second, Coleman out second to short.

Toronto 9th — Rod Beck relieved Garces. Brumfield struck out looking. Woodward flied out to deep left [ball knocked down by the wind]. Castillo struck out swinging.

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