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Sportswriters Email Addresses — Pedro Martinez, Boston Red Sox pitcher(2002 season)

pedro martinez

Baseball Writers’ Email Addresses

If you know any other addresses
(or if one of these is wrong), please let me know.

Boston Globe
Gordon Edes: [email protected]
Dan Shaughnessy: [email protected]
Bob Ryan: [email protected]
Bob Hohler: [email protected] or [email protected]
Meg Vaillancourt: [email protected]
Jack Thomas, Ombudsman: [email protected]
Christine Chinlund, Ombudsman: [email protected]

Boston Herald
[email protected]
Howard Bryant: [email protected]
Jeff Horrigan, Michael Silverman, Tony Mazzarotti,
Michael Gee, Karen Guregian, Steve Buckley, Gerry Callahan

Providence Journal
Art Martone: [email protected]
Sean McAdam: [email protected]
Steven Krasner: [email protected]
Bill Parrillo: [email protected]
Kevin McNamara: [email protected]

Major League Baseball (Red Sox)
Ian Browne: [email protected]
Mike Petraglia: [email protected] or [email protected]
Brita Meng: [email protected]
[email protected]

Springfield Union-News
Ron Chimelis: [email protected]
Garry Brown:  [email protected]
Gene O’Donnell: eodonnell@repub.com
Bill Wells: wwells@repub.com
Ted Ribeiro: eribeiro@repub.com
Jeanne O’Neil: joneil@repub.com

Hartford Courant
Courant Newsroom
Jeff Otterbein, Sports Editor: [email protected]
David Heuschkel: [email protected]
Paul Doyle: [email protected]
Jeff Jacobs: [email protected]

Worcester Telegram & Gazette
Sports Staff and general info: [email protected]
Dave Nathan, Sports Editor: [email protected]
Phil O’Neill: [email protected]
Bill Ballou: [email protected]

Eagle Tribune (Mass.)
John Tomase: [email protected]
Joe Murphy: [email protected]

Stamford Advocate
Emery Filmer: [email protected]

Metro West Daily News
Art Davidson: [email protected]

Associated Press (Red Sox beat)
Howard Ulman: [email protected]
Jimmy Golen: [email protected]

Ft. Myers (Florida) News-Press
Glenn Miller: [email protected]
David Dorsey: [email protected]
Ed Reed: [email protected]
Chris Umpierre: [email protected]

Tim Kurkjian: [email protected]
Steve Wulf: [email protected]
Rob Neyer: [email protected]
Peter Gammons: [email protected] or [email protected]
Darren Rovell: [email protected]
Jayson Stark: [email protected]
Mark Kreidler: [email protected]
Gary Thorne: [email protected]

Major League Baseball
Dinn Mann, Editor-in-Chief: [email protected]
Christine Destefano, Executive Producer: [email protected]
Kevin Colligan, NL Executive Producer: [email protected]
Jonathan Mayo, senior writer: [email protected]
Mark Feinsand,  New York Yankees: [email protected]
Spencer Fordin, Toronto Blue Jays: [email protected]
Damon P. Young, Tampa Bay Devil Rays: [email protected]
Gary Washburn, Baltimore Orioles: [email protected]
Justice B. Hill, senior writer/Cleveland: [email protected]
Mark Sheldon, Minnesota Twins: [email protected]
Jason Beck, Detroit Tigers: [email protected]
Jesse Sanchez, Texas Rangers: [email protected]
Rob Scichili, Texas Rangers: [email protected]
Tom Singer, Anaheim Angels: [email protected]
Jim Street, Seattle Mariners: [email protected]
Mychael Urban, Oakland A’s: [email protected]
Ed Eagle, Pittsburgh Pirates: [email protected]
Josh Rawitch, San Francisco Giants: [email protected]
Mark Bowman, Atlanta: [email protected]
Sandy Burgin, San Diego Padres: [email protected]

Baseball Prospectus
Joe Sheehan: [email protected]
Keith Law: [email protected]
Gary Huckabay: [email protected]
Jonah Keri: [email protected]
Michael Wolverton: [email protected]

USAToday/Baseball Weekly
Paul White: [email protected]
Rod Beaton: [email protected]
Jon Saraceno: [email protected]
Stephen Borelli: [email protected]
Seth Livingstone: [email protected]
Michael Hiestand, [email protected]

The Sporting News
Michael Knisley: [email protected]
Ken Rosenthal: [email protected]
Dave Kindred: [email protected]
Andy Clendennen: [email protected]
Jim Litke: [email protected]
Todd Jones, Twins pitcher: [email protected]

Fox Sports
Dave van Dyck: [email protected]
Randy Hill: [email protected]
Bryon Evje: [email protected]
Jerry Beach: [email protected]

Allen Barra: [email protected]

Akron Beacon-Journal
Sheldon Ocker: [email protected]

Albany (N.Y.) Times-Union
Steve Campbell: [email protected]

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Joe Capozz: [email protected]

Arizona Republic
Richard Obert: [email protected]
Pedro Gomez: [email protected]
Paola Boivin: [email protected]
Doug Carroll: [email protected]
Jon Sidener: [email protected]
Bill Goodykoontz: [email protected]

Augusta Chronicle
Rob Mueller: [email protected]

Bangor (Maine) Daily News
Gary Thorne: [email protected]

Beaver County (Penn.) Times
John Perrotto: [email protected]

Bergen (N.J.) Record
Bob Klapisch: [email protected]
Adrian Wojnarowski: [email protected]
Howard Bryant: [email protected]

Buffalo Times
Mike Harrington: [email protected]

Chicago Sun-Times
Doug Padilla: [email protected]
Elliott Harris: [email protected]
Mike Kiley: [email protected]
Greg Couch: [email protected]

Cincinnati Enquirer
Tim Sullivan: [email protected]

Cleveland Plain Dealer
Paul Hoynes: [email protected]
Bud Shaw: [email protected]
Roger Brown: [email protected]
Bill Livingston: [email protected]

Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch
Scott Priestle: [email protected]

Contra Costa Times (Calif.)
Gary Peterson: [email protected]
Eric Gilmore: [email protected]
Joe Roderick: [email protected]

Dallas Morning News
Steve Waggoner, Asst. sports editor: [email protected]
Gerry Fraley: [email protected]
Evan Grant: [email protected]
Tim Cowlishaw: [email protected]
Kevin Sherrington: [email protected]

Denver Post
Irv Moss: [email protected]
Troy E. Renck: [email protected]
Mike Klis: [email protected]
Woody Paige: [email protected]

Denver Rocky Mountain News
Tracy Ringolsby: [email protected]
Bernie Lincicome: [email protected]

Detroit Free Press
Email index
John Lowe: [email protected]
Gene Guidi: [email protected]
Mitch Albom: [email protected]

Detroit News
Rob Parker: [email protected]

Everett (Wa.) Herald
Bob Bolerjack, Sports Editor: [email protected]
Tim Hintze, Assistant Sports Editor: [email protected]
Larry Henry: [email protected]
Kirby Arnold: [email protected]

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Mac Engel: [email protected]

Florida Times-Union/Jacksonville.com
Mark Woods: [email protected]

Peter Kerasotis: [email protected]

Kansas City Star
Bob Dutton: [email protected]
Joe Posnanski: [email protected]
Jeffrey Flanagan: [email protected]

Lakeland (Fla.) Ledger
Dick Scanlon: [email protected]
Mike Cobb: [email protected]

Los Angeles Daily News
Chris Cocoles: [email protected]

Los Angeles Times
Bill Plaschke: [email protected]
J.A. Adande: [email protected]

Memphis Commercial Appeal
Don Wade: [email protected]

Miami Herald
Mike Phillips: [email protected]
Barry Jackson: [email protected]
Dan LeBatard: [email protected]
Susan Miller Degnan: [email protected]
Greg Cote: [email protected]

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune
Chip Scoggins: [email protected]
Conrad deFiebre: [email protected]
Sid Hartman: [email protected]
Dan Barreiro: [email protected]
Patrick Reusse: [email protected]
Jim Souhan: [email protected]
Kevin Diaz: [email protected]

Naples (Fla.) Daily News
Ron Hartman: [email protected]

New York Daily News
Mike Lupica: [email protected]
Bill Madden: [email protected]
Vic Ziegel: [email protected]
Mark Kriegel: [email protected]
John Harper: [email protected]
Bob Raissman: [email protected]
Lisa Olson: [email protected]
Filip Bondy: [email protected]

New York Post
Greg Gallo/Dick Klayman: [email protected]
Joel Sherman, George King, Michael Morrissey,
Jay Greenberg, Brian Lewis, Lenn Robbins

New York Times
George Vecsey: [email protected]
Jack Curry: [email protected]

Newsday (New York City)
Jon Heyman: [email protected]
David Lennon: [email protected]
Mark Herrmann: [email protected]
Steve Zipay: [email protected]

Orlando Sentinel
L.C. Johnson: [email protected]

Palm Beach Post
Charles Elmore: [email protected]
Joe Capozzi: [email protected]
Dave George: [email protected]
Glenn Kasses: [email protected]
Julius Whigham II: [email protected]
Alan Tays: [email protected]

Philadelphia Daily News
Paul Hagen: [email protected]
Ted Silary: [email protected]
Rich Hofman: [email protected]

Philadelphia Inquirer
Frank Fitzpatrick: [email protected]
Jim Salisbury: [email protected]
Claire Smith: [email protected]
Reid Kanaley: [email protected]

Pioneer Press (Minnesota)
Charley Walters: [email protected]
Gordon Wittenmyer: [email protected]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Ron Cook: [email protected]
Shelley Anderson:
Paul Meyer:

Sacramento Bee
Tom Negrete, Asst. Managing Editor, Sports & Business: [email protected]
Armando Acua, Sports Editor: [email protected]
Nick Peters: [email protected]
Gregg Bell: [email protected]
Bill Paterson: [email protected]
Darrell Moody: [email protected]
Mark Kreidler: [email protected]
Jim Van Vliet: [email protected]
Bruce Dancis: [email protected]
Marcos Breton: [email protected]

San Diego Union-Tribune
Chris Jenkins: [email protected]

San Francisco Chronicle
Ray Ratto: [email protected] or [email protected]
Bruce Jenkins: [email protected]
Brian Murphy: [email protected]
Carl T. Hall: [email protected]
Henry Schulman: [email protected]
Peter Fimrite: [email protected]
Suzanne Herel: [email protected]
John Shea: [email protected]
Tom FitzGerald: [email protected]
Susan Slusser: [email protected]

San Jose Mercury News
Mark Purdy: [email protected]
Ann Killion: [email protected]
Skip Bayless: [email protected]
Barry Witt: [email protected]
Ron Bergman: [email protected]
Laurence Miedema: [email protected]

Santa Rosa Press Democrat
George Manes, Sports Editor: [email protected]
Bill Pinella, Asst. Sports Editor: [email protected]
Bob Padecky: [email protected]
Bruce Meadows: [email protected]
Jeff Fletcher: [email protected]
Lowell Cohn: [email protected]
Ralph Leef: [email protected]
Rich Rupprecht: [email protected]
Dave Williams: [email protected]
Robert Rubino: [email protected]

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Laura Vecsey: [email protected]
Art Thiel: [email protected]
David Andriesen: [email protected]
Holly Cain: [email protected]
John Levesque: [email protected]
John Hickey: [email protected]

Seattle Times
Bob Finnigan: [email protected]
Larry Stone: 
[email protected]
Steve Kelley: [email protected]
Blaine Newnham: [email protected]

Sonoma County (Ca.) Press Democrat
Jeff Fletcher: [email protected]

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Michael Berardino: [email protected]

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Reporter phone/email list
Rick Hummel: [email protected]
Jeff Gordon: [email protected]
Bernie Miklasz: [email protected]
Joe Strauss, [email protected]

St. Petersburg Times
Gary Shelton: [email protected]

Tacoma (Wa.) News Tribune
John McGrath: [email protected]
Don Ruiz: [email protected]
Larry LaRue: [email protected]

Tampa Tribune
Carter Gaddis: [email protected]
Scott Carter: [email protected]
Tony Fabrizo: [email protected]

Times Herald-Record (Upstate NY)
Dave Buscema: [email protected]

Toronto Sun
Bob Elliott: [email protected]
Steve Buffrey: [email protected]

Washington Observer-Reporter
Doug Street: [email protected]
Chris Dugan: [email protected]

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