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World Series Losers Hit Pedro For 6 Runs in 4 IP, Including 3 Home Runs

Red Sox Ace Unconcerned, Says His Shoulder Feels Fine

Saturday, March 16, 2002
New York Yankees v. Boston Red Sox
City of Palms Park, Ft. Myers, Florida

Pedro's Line

ip h er r bb k bf pit ball strk fB GB
4 6 6 6 2 2 19 67 21 46 7 3

Box Score and play-by-play of Pedro's Innings

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 r h e
New York 0 3 1 2 1 0 0 1 0 -- 8 12 1
Boston 2 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 2 -- 7 14 0


Homers fly, Yankees beat Red Sox split squad -- Martinez gives up three home runs
Mike Petraglia,

Pedro Martinez said again Saturday he was not concerned about his progress with Opening Day two weeks away. "I'm not 100 percent yet, at least mechanically," said Martinez, who allowed six earned runs and six hits in four innings. "But my body feels really good. [The shoulder] feels fine. It feels normal. My mechanics and my pitches are not there. I actually felt better in the first outing than in the last two."

Martinez has surrendered nine hits and nine earned runs over his last two starts. "My performance was really bad. I gave up a lot of homers, a lot of runs. Everything else was just fine. My body is fine -- that's what matters."

It's an interesting outing at the park -- Martinez gives up six runs in four innings vs. Yankees
Gordon Edes, Boston Globe

Yesterday, Martinez had an outing that caused no small amount of squirming, not only in the owners' suites but in the living rooms of New England, where TV images offered confirmation of what was taking place here: The Yankees banged Martinez for six runs in four innings on six hits, including three home runs, one by a 23-year-old Venezuelan outfielder, Juan Rivera, described by manager Joe Torre before the game as a ''baby.''

Pedro pounded, but he's OK
Sean McAdam, Providence Journal

Manager Grady Little took a similarly upbeat approach. "The condition of [his shoulder] is good. When you've been through what he's been through, the last thing that's going to come back is the command of his delivery and his pitches. The number-one concern is the condition of his arm. His command and delivery comes next." ...

Internally, the Red Sox have discussed the possibility of leaving Martinez behind here when they leave March 28, and delaying his regular-season debut a bit. But Martinez isn't interested in staying behind.

Pedro not panicking: Sox ace roughed up again but says shoulder is fine
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

Pedro Martinez insists that there is no need for panic, but the undeniable key to the Red Sox' success appears to be heading in the wrong direction with only two more appearances scheduled before Opening Day.

"My performance was really bad, but I got my work in. I gave up a lot of homers and runs, but my body's fine. That's all that matters. ... I just couldn't control the ball all day. I kept missing locations and leaving the ball over the plate. ... There's no need to worry. If you're going to start panicking now, we're in trouble, deep trouble.''

Pedro Problems? -- Little Expresses Opening Day Doubts
David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant

Red Sox manager Grady Little expressed some doubts whether Martinez will be ready by Opening Day. "If Pedro's ready to go April 1st he will," Little said. "If not, we'll wait a couple days. His body will tell us what he can do." Martinez, who said he is on track to pitch the season opener, is scheduled to make two more starts in spring training. He will then throw a side session March 30 in Houston when the Red Sox play their final exhibition game. Little will make a decision then. "What Pedro Martinez is going through is something he's never gone through in his life," Little said. ... 

Because he has been on the job just a few days, pitching coach Tony Cloninger knows little about Martinez and the rest of the staff. "I don't know him at all," Martinez said. "I'm just going to try to get to know him first and then we're going to try to work along. He seems to be a man that has a lot of experience and worked with a lot of good pitchers. So I just hope that I can use some of that experience to my advantage."

Much food for thought at baseball picnic
Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe

They were lining up for standing-room tickets outside City of Palms Park at 4:30 a.m. Can you have playoff atmosphere at a spring training game? Can you have a Red Sox-Yankees brawl in an exhibition game? Almost.



Pedro vs. Yankees
Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald

Pedro Martinez is scheduled to throw 65 pitches or five innings, whichever comes first, in his third start of the spring this afternoon, against the New York Yankees at City of Palms Park. Ex-manager and pitching coach Joe Kerrigan routinely gave the three-time Cy Young Award winner an extra day of rest when the schedule permitted over the past few seasons, but Kerrigan's replacement said that his policy will be determined on a case-by-case basis. "We're going to let Pedro's body decide that," Little said.

Red Sox watch
Ian Browne,

Pedro Martinez will make his third spring start Saturday against the Yankees at City of Palms. "Pedro will pitch four or five innings, maybe 60 or 65 pitches," Manager Grady Little said. "We'll see what his body tells us."

Henderson, Damon A 1-2 Punch
David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant

Pedro Martinez is scheduled to throw about 65 pitches today when he makes his third spring start in a split-squad game against a Yankees team that will include Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams and Jason Giambi.

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