Sunday, March 10, 2002
Boston (ss) 2, New York Yankees (ss) 1


 BOSTON         AB  R  H BI    NY YANKEES     AB  R  H BI
 Henderson DH    4  0  0  0    Jeter ss        3  0  0  0 
 Nixon RF        4  1  2  2    Almonte ss      0  0  0  1 
 Nelson PR       0  0  0  0    RRivera CF      3  0  2  0 
 Garciaparra SS  3  0  1  0    Giambi DH       4  0  0  0 
 Merloni SS      1  0  0  0    Posada C        1  0  0  0 
 Ramirez LF      3  0  1  0    Greene C        1  0  1  0 
 Stenson LF      1  0  0  0    Ventura 3B      3  0  0  0 
 Clark 1B        3  0  0  0    Polcovich 3B    1  0  0  0 
 Betts 1B        1  0  0  0    Coomer 1B       4  0  0  0 
 Coleman CF      3  0  0  0    JRivera RF      3  0  0  0 
 Hillenbrand 3B  2  0  0  0    Thames LF       3  1  2  0 
 Andrews 3b      1  0  0  0    Wilson 2B       3  0  0  0 
 Mirabelli C     3  0  0  0    Bridges 2B      0  0  0  0 
 Mercedes C      0  0  0  0  
 RSanchez 2B     3  1  1  0  
 QVeras 2b       0  0  0  0  
 TOTALS         32  2  5  2    TOTALS         29  1  5  1
 BOSTON                    002 000 000--  2   5   0
 NY YANKEES                000 000 010--  1   5   0
 HR: Nixon (1) (off Mussina). SB: Nelson (1). SF: Almonte.
                                 IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR
 Wakefield (W,1-0)                3   1   0   0   1   3   0
 Pena                             4   2   0   0   0   4   0
 Hasselhoff (S,1)                 2   2   1   1   1   0   0
 Mussina (L,0-1)                  4   4   2   2   1   3   1
 Walling                          2   0   0   0   0   1   0
 Knight                           1   0   0   0   0   0   0
 Jodie                            1   1   0   0   0   0   0
 Donaldson                        1   0   0   0   1   1   0
 T--2:16. A--10,237.

Wakefield shines in win over Yankees
Associated Press

TAMPA, Fla. -- Tim Wakefield allowed one hit over three scoreless innings and Trot Nixon hit a two-run homer as the Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees 2-1 in a spilt-squad game Sunday.

Wakefield struck out three and walked one. He threw 30 of 46 pitches for strikes. "I felt good," Wakefield said. "I threw all my pitches for strikes. I'm just trying to get my work in."

Nixon homered in the third inning off Yankees starter Mike Mussina. Mussina gave up two runs and four hits in four innings. He had three strikeouts and walked one during his 50-pitch outing. "I felt OK," said Mussina, who threw 32 strikes. "I got the ball over. I'm about where I should be."

Erick Almonte had a sacrifice fly for the Yankees in the eighth. New York had been shutout 2-0 by Tampa Bay on Saturday.

Boston shortstop Nomar Garciaparra, who had wrist surgery last year, went 1 for 3 and might play in back-to-back games this week. "We'll see how things go this week," Garciaparra said. "Maybe Thursday and Friday I'll play back-to-back. We'll see how if feels. Everything is going well so far."

The Yankees' other squad played to a 4-4, 10-inning tie with the Minnesota Twins. Sterling Hitchcock, who is competing with Orlando Hernandez and David Wells for the final two rotation spots, allowed four runs and seven hits in four innings. "Obviously we'll digest everything and see how he feels," Yankees manager Joe Torre said.

Notes Yankees CF Bernie Williams was scratched because of mild right calf tightness. ... New York sent LHPs Brandon Claussen, Alex Graman and Kevin Lovingier; RHP Bo Donaldson, Brett Jodie, Brandon Knight and David Walling, INFs Kurt Bierek, Kary Bridges and Kevin Polcovich and OF Marcus Thames to its minor league camp.


(b - ball; c- called strike; s - swinging strike; f - foul ; t - throw to first)

Boston 1st -- Henderson made first out. Nixon flied out to center. Garciaparra grounded out third to first.

New York 1st -- Jeter struck out. RRivera struck out swinging. Giambi (bc) grounded out second to first.

Boston 2nd -- Ramirez singled to left center. Clark (bcbbc) struck out looking. Coleman (bbcs) flied out to left. Hillenbrand (bbb) walked, Ramirez to second. Mirabelli (bb) grounded out.

New York 2nd -- Posada walked. Ventura grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first. Coomer (fs?) grounded out third to first.

Boston 3rd -- RSanchez singled up middle to center. Henderson (b) flied out to deep left (battling wind & sun). Nixon (bc) homered to right, Sanchez and Nixon scored. Garciaparra lined a single to left. Ramirez popped out to RRivera in shallow right center. Clark grounded out first

New York 3rd -- JRivera (cbbs) struck out swinging. Timms (cs) singled to center. Wilson (cb) grounded into fielder's choice, Timms out shortstop to second. Jeter (bsfffb) grounded into fielder's choice, Wilson out third to second.

Boston 4th -- Coleman (sfbf) popped out to second. Hillenbrand (cff) struck out swinging. Mirabelli (bbcsbf) struck out looking.

New York 4th -- Pena relieved Wakefield. RRivera (fsbf) blooped a single to left center. Giambi (cbf) grounded out pitcher to first, RRivera to second. Posada (ccbbf) hit by pitch. Ventura (cs) struck out looking. Coomer (b) flied out to left.

Boston 5th -- Walling relieved Mussina. RSanchez (b___) out. Henderson out. Nixon (___bcf) popped out to RRivera in short left center.

New York 5th -- JRivera (b) flied out to Coleman in short right-center. Timms (cfb) struck out swinging. Wilson (bfb) popped out to shortstop.

Boston 6th -- Garciaparra (cf) grounded out second to first. Ramirez (bcf) struck out looking. Clark (b) grounded out third to first.

New York 6th -- Stenson replaced Ramirez in LF. Jeter struck out. RRivera safe on infield single. Giambi (b) flied out to right. Posada (tsctb) struck out swinging.

Boston 7th -- Knight relieved Walling. Almonte replaced Jeter at SS. Greene replaced Posada at C. Coleman (bb) grounded out third to first. Hillenbrand (bb) flied out to shallow left. Mirabelli (c) grounded out third to first.

New York 7th -- Pena still pitching. Merloni replaced Garciaparra at SS. Andrews replaced Hillenbrand at 3B. Mercedes replaced Mirabelli at C. Betts replaced Clark at 1B. Ventura (sbbffb) grounded out shortstop to first. Coomer (cbbs) flied out to center. JRivera (cfb) struck out swinging.

Boston 8th -- Jodie relieved Knight. Polcovich replaced Ventura at 3B. RSanchez grounded out shortstop to first. Henderson (fcbbbf) popped out to 2B in short right. Nixon (bc) singled to right. Nelson pinch-ran for Nixon. Merloni (bb - Nelson stole second - cbs) grounded out shortstop to first.

New York 8th -- Hasselhoff relieved Pena. Nelson replaced Nixon in RF. Timms (bc) tripled to center (over Coleman's head). Wilson (___b) popped out to third. Almonte (cbbb) hit sacrifice fly to right, Timms scored. RRivera (bbcbf) walked. Giambi (b___) made third out.

Boston 9th -- Donaldson relieved Jodie. Bridges replaced Wilson at 2B. Stenson (bbbcs) struck out swinging. Betts (bsb) flied out to center. Coleman (sbbb) walked. Andrews (tf) grounded into fielder's choice, Coleman out shortstop to second.

New York 9th -- Greene (s) singled to right. Polcovich grounded into double play, second [QVeras] to shortstop to first. Coomer popped out to first.

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